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How To Prepare To Use Hypnosis To Quit Smoking

Many people each year use hypnosis to quit smoking. It can be a really effective method to give up what many people consider a nasty, expensive and unhealthy habit

Quite simply smoking is bad for you and the use of hypnotherapy to overcome this habit once and for all is highly recommended.

So if smoking is really so bad, why then do so many people continue to smoke? The following are some of the reasons why this habit persists.

- Smoking is addictive.

The body becomes used to nicotine and develops a dependence upon it. It actually misses it when you try to stop. This is why there are so many short lived and unsuccessful attempts to quit.

- Smoking is a habit

Like many habits smoking is one that is hard to give up. It becomes associated with various activities both when relaxed and anxious.

Talking on the phone, reading a book, having a break at work during a busy day, having a drink etc. Indeed most cigarettes smoked during a day are smoked as a result of habit.

* Planning To quit Smoking

Before your appointment with the hypnotherapist it is worth considering the following actions. This will provide you with the best chance of successful smoking cessation.

• Choose the right time to quit

Plan carefully to choose the correct time to quit. This should be at a time when your life is settled and on an even keel.

Make sure there are no major life events looming – these will only provide extra stress and lessen the chance of giving up for good.

A good time might be before you go on holiday. Here, the change of scenery together with a more relaxed environment will assist greatly

• Tell the world “I'm going to quit smoking”

Really commit to this action. Tell all the important people in your life.

They will be able to encourage you and support you through the difficult times should they arise.

Also try to choose those who will actually support you – avoid those who you think would secretly like you to fail. Other smokers might fall into this category.

• Throw away all your smoking props

Make sure that you throw away your cigarettes, your ashtrays, your lighters and anything else that reminds you of your smoking habit. Remove all temptation from your life.

Manage your home environment – make sure that you instigate a non-smoking rule. You do not want the waft of a cigarette to tempt you from your chosen path of smoking cessation

• Build in a treat for quitting

Give yourself a goal to work towards as a result of giving up smoking. Promise yourself a treat – a new dress, a holiday, a nice meal.

Whatever gets you excited and motivate to stop. Try to make this a really exciting and pleasurable experience – you are making an exciting long lasting change to your life.

There is so much more that hypnosis can offer in helping you to finally give up smoking.

We have only scratched the surface here – do research further for more information on methods and techniques to assist smoking cessation.

You will feel happier, healthier and wealthier when you do quit. So get to it!


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